FuelBI Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. My card is not listed, is it supported?
  • Check if your card is actually on one of the major networks as some cards are resold and are managed by a main network like WEX and Fleetcor. If not, we can add support for your fuel card if the provider is capable, your fleet size is large enough, or we have seen a demand for that provider.
  1. How do you link or match the card to the vehicle?
  • We can custom match over 20 different ways depending on how you use your cards and how you label them in your fuel card provider portal and Geotab portal.
  1. Is location data always correct for merchants?
  • No. On average merchant data runs about 25% incorrect after geocoding due to bad address data from merchants. We have special algorithms to verify the merchant data and we also will manually geocode merchants and use our corrected data over time for those merchants
  1. We have multiple fuel card providers?
  • Fuel BI can support multiple fuel providers per customer.
  1. Do you offer a free demo period for our account?
  • We offer a free 30-day trial for all fleet sizes of 50 or more on a supported fuel card. For fleets smaller than 50, please ask your reseller.