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Fleet Hoster specializes in custom integrations, application development and data services. We offer many solutions including fuel card integration and asset tracking.

Fleet Hoster is Innovative, Knowledgeable, Flexible, Dedicated

Serving as a partner to many small and large customers, we can design applications to fit into most any budget. Our expertise in telematics drives our success across many diverse platforms.

  • Innovative Solutions
  • Extremely Knowledgeable
  • Flexible Working Arrangements
  • Dedication to Telematics Development

Find out why so many telematics resellers and end customers choose Fleet Hoster, contact us today and discover how we can help your business.

Why Choose Us?

Fleet Hoster is dedicated and committed to our customers. We work hard to make sure projects meet your goals. All of our services are month-to-month with no contracts.


Explore where your telematics data can improve the ROI for your business through custom applications and integrations.


As a top expert on the Geotab platform with over 50 apps and integrations, we know our way around various software.


Hosting in our cloud or your cloud environment, easy month-to-month services with no contracts.


We devote 100% of our development time on telematics integrations and applications.

Our Services

Custom Integration

We can integrate data across your existing software solutions or build new applications with your telematics data. Free consultations and estimates are part of our exceptional services.

Fuel Card Integration

Our Fuel BI application can integrate your fuel cards with telematics data. We support most major fuel card providers like Comdata, Fleetcor, Voyager, WEX, and Fleet One.

Asset Tracking

Our Quik Lokate asset tracking platform can track your CalAmp or Xirgo assets. We offer flexible setups and services with or without our data plans. Low cost options are available.

PeopleSoft HOS Integration

Integrating your PeopleSoft time clock Geotab's HOS is a breeze. Time clock entries instantly appear on the driver's HOS records directly in the Geotab platform.

Descartes Integration

View your Descartes data with your telematics data to compare your planned times, driver entry times, and actual trip times with custom Gantt charts and data extracts.

HCR Postal Service Platform

We developed the first fully automated HCR postal service reporting solution for HCR suppliers reporting directly to Accenture for all GPS required routes in contracts with the USPS.

Data Services

We offer a variety of data services from Geotab reports to FTP servers, pushing and pulling telematics data from servers to and from Geotab, and data analysis with alerts.

Custom Geotab Datafeeds

If you need a custom Geotab datafeed built for your application or data warehouse, chances are we have built it. We also maintain, host, and monitor your datafeeds.

Custom Geotab OData API

Looking for an OData Geotab API, we can help. For teams that require OData integrations, we can build an OData API to your specifications without your team learning the Geotab API.

Custom Geotab Reporting

Geotab has a lot of reports however sometimes you need combinations of data not available, specialty reports, or even delivery requirements. We do all of the above for Geotab customers.

Custom Geotab Updates

Ever have to update hundreds or thousands of groups or vehicles in Geotab? We have scripts to do many tasks in Geotab that seem impossible or just too time consuming.

Technical Support

We offer Tier 3 technical support and services on the Geotab platform. Wondering if something is currently possible or if it could be possible? We can answer those questions.

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