Discover the Power of GoInsights: Enhancing Your Geotab and SurfSight Experience  


Unleash the full potential of your Geotab and SurfSight systems with GoInsights, a groundbreaking tool meticulously crafted to revolutionize your fleet management experience. This innovative solution seamlessly integrates multiple data sources, delivering real-time actionable insights and reshaping the way you monitor and oversee your fleet. 

Whether you're focused on a single location or overseeing the entire fleet, GoInsights empowers you to effortlessly analyze events and swiftly pinpoint the drivers associated with those incidents. Its intuitive interface allows for a detailed examination of occurrences, offering a comprehensive view of your fleet's performance. 

GoInsights sets itself apart by incorporating a suite of advanced features, including: 

Driver Scoring: Evaluate and rank driver performance based on various metrics, allowing you to identify high-performing drivers and areas for improvement. 

Driver Rankings: Gain a holistic understanding of your drivers' performance with comprehensive rankings, enabling you to recognize top performers and implement targeted coaching for others. 

Driver Coaching: The robust coaching module encourages managers to actively engage with their drivers, fostering a culture of accountability and continuous improvement in safety practices. 

Camera AI and Vehicle Data: Leverage cutting-edge technology to integrate Camera AI and vehicle data, providing a comprehensive perspective on incidents and enabling more informed decision-making. 

Customized Score Profiles: Tailor score profiles to align with your specific fleet management goals, ensuring that the insights generated are directly relevant to your unique needs. 

GoInsights goes beyond mere data analysis by incorporating a robust coaching module. This feature encourages managers to actively engage with their drivers, fostering a culture of accountability and enhancing safety practices. By tracking driver behaviors, managers can address specific incidents and contribute to the development of a stronger safety culture within the organization. 

Elevate your fleet management experience with GoInsights—a tool that not only combines data sources for comprehensive insights but also introduces advanced features to enhance driver evaluation, coaching, and overall safety. Proactively engage with your fleet, ensuring a safer and more accountable operation.