Explore the Cutting-Edge Jimi IoT Asset Trackers Seamlessly Integrated with Geotab 


Introducing a range of innovative asset trackers from Jimi IoT, designed to elevate your tracking and monitoring experience within the Geotab platform. These state-of-the-art trackers cater to diverse needs, ensuring comprehensive asset management and enhanced security. Let's delve into the exciting features of each new release: 

LL01 - Rechargeable Battery, Embedded Magnets, Tamper Alerts

Powered by a rechargeable battery for long-lasting performance. 

Equipped with embedded magnets for versatile and discreet placement “Slap-n-Track” 

Tamper alerts provide an extra layer of security, notifying you of any unauthorized interference. 

LL303 - Rechargeable Solar Panel, Tamper Alerts, IP-67: 

Harness the power of solar energy for sustainable and continuous operation. 

Tamper alerts ensure the integrity of your tracking system. 

Boasts an IP-67 rating for robust protection against dust and water. 

VL701 - Replaceable Batteries, Magnet Mount, IP-67, Tamper Alerts: 

Enjoy the convenience of replaceable batteries, extending the tracker's lifespan. 

Magnet mount facilitates easy installation on various surfaces. 

IP-67 rating guarantees durability in challenging environmental conditions. 

Tamper alerts enhance the security of your assets. 

VL501 – Plug-n-Play Tracker, SOS Button, Geofence Alert, Speeding Alerts: 

Effortless installation with a plug-and-play design for quick deployment. 

SOS button for instant emergency response and enhanced safety. 

Geofence alerts keep you informed of asset movements within predefined areas. 

Speeding alerts contribute to efficient monitoring of asset transit. 

VL02 - Wired Asset Tracker, Tamper Alert, Geofence Alert, Ignition Detection: 

Wired design ensures a secure and stable connection for reliable tracking. 

Tamper alerts notify you of any unauthorized attempts to interfere. 

Geofence alerts provide location-based notifications for added control. 

Ignition detection enhances accuracy by tracking asset movement when the ignition is engaged. 

All of these Jimi IoT asset trackers seamlessly integrate into the Geotab platform, offering a unified and user-friendly experience. Further your asset management capabilities with these advanced trackers, combining cutting-edge technology with seamless integration for unparalleled efficiency and security.