ATB01-36 AND ATB01-120

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Product Description

The ATBOl-36 + ABTOl-120 battery operated tracking units are intentionally designed for long term field deployments. Embedded magnets allow straight forward attachment to vehicles, trailers or containers; expediting asset tracking start up and eliminating the need for professional installation (true "Slap-N-Track"). CAT-Ml and NB-IOT capabilities ensure connectivity while keeping data costs low. Intelligent Power Management (IPM) provides deep sleep power conservation and wakes immediately to report location when the device senses movement.

Features and benefits

  • Tracking: Sends real-time vehicle location and speed.
  • Cell-ID Based Location: Device utilizes Cell-ID based location information where GPS is not positioned.
  • Intelligent Power Saving Mode: Optimized GPS and low-power CPU, including wake on motion and sleep when stationary features.
  • OTA (Over the Air): Configuration and firmware can be remotely upgraded.


  • Small Yet Effective Asset Tracker
  • 4G LTE
  • Just Attach To Your Asset And Go
  • Waterproof Case: IP65 Rating
  • Great For Trailers, Trucks, Heavy Equipment

Market Insights

  • Tracking: Sends real-time vehicle location and speed.
  • Detects trip start / end, reports harsh braking, acceleration and
  • impact upon collision.
  • 3-Axis Accelerometer: Detects trip FHt / end, reports harsh braking,
  • acceleration and impact upon collision.
  • Message Store & Forward: Up to 50 messages or alerts.

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