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The DCC07-12 brings you the most advanced reporting features currently available in the video dash camera market. With HD video and cutting-edge data management programming, you can outfit your fleet with the peace of mind you need, without the expensive data costs or overages.


  • Prevent Accidents: The DCC07-12 identifies harsh driving events providing fleets full visibility into leading causes of preventable accidents.
  • Best In-Class Video: The DCC07-12 mobile-enabled systems provide instant video and driving data within milliseconds of a road event.
  • Powered AI: With improved facial recognition technology, the DCC07-12 automatically detects distracted driving events during day and night
  • Tamper Resistance: Secure tamper-resistant designs to reduce driver interference with the camera.

Customer Benefits

  • Automatic server upload based on events prevents driver tampering of SD card.
  • Can be used as both a GPS telematics device and dashcam in 1 sleek device!
  • Integrated into Geotab so any vehicle rule in Geotab can trigger a video event from the camera !

Market Insights

  • Fastest Growing Telematics Product For Fleets
  • Help Decrease Insurance Premiums
  • Driver Coaching Opportunities
  • Al Monitoring And Training Features
  • Protect Your Driver And Your Company From False Claims

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