SLK02-6 (Sensor Load Kit)

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Product Description

Introducing the newest innovation in container transport, the Smart Load Sensing Kit! The SLK02-6 allows you to see if, when, and where a container is loaded onto or unloaded from a chassis. The sensor kit utilizes a powered laser and infrared technology to pick up any sized container loaded onto the chassis.

The ATW02-6 is attached to the chassis and wired into the taillight harness so that the battery is automatically recharged when a truck connects to the chassis. Simply mount sensor along rear half of the chassis at a 45-degree angle and connect it to the asset tracker.

Features & Benefits

This works in conjunction with the most popular GPS based trailer tracking device and displays the information natively inside of the Geotab platform on the same map as all the other vehicles in the fleet.

  • The SLK01-6 and SLK02-6 sensors are made of high-quality stainless steel and are washdown rated.
  • The SLK01-6 and SLK02-6 can be sprayed with water at up to 1200psi when washing the chassis with a pressure washer.
  • The battery can report up to 6 months when not connected to a truck.
  • The SLK01-6 and SLK02-6 sensors can report when a truck connects and disconnects from the chassis and the duration of time it was connected.


Operating Temperature

  • -30° to +60°C (primary power)
  • -20° to +60°C (internal battery)
  • -20° to +25°C (storage >3 months)

Estimated Battery Life

  • Up to 6 months at 1 report per day (rechargeable)
  • Inputs/Outputs Available
  • Ignition Input: fixed bias

Analog Input 1 External ADC Input

  • Digital Inputs 2: high/low bias selectable 0-30 VDC
  • Digital Outputs 3: open collector relay 150mA

Additional Resources

SLK02-6 (Sensor Load Kit) Installation Video

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